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Programmes Offered at ISP

Manpower development and establishment of research activities in photonics and related fields are the major objectives of ISP. In 1995 we started a three semester M.Tech course in Optoelectronics and Laser Technology .


Why Study Photonics?

The use of “light” is reshaping our world. Recent advances in photonics for communications, imaging, health care and medicine, defense, optics and electronics have all contributed to spectacular new applications in everyDSC_535243 corner of our lives. And it is not going to stop. Photonics companies, which supply optical components, systems and software, are growing spectacularly. All these companies need graduates and experts to design, manufacture and test photonics components. Scientists, engineers and technicians with training in photonics and related technologies are in high demand. There is and will continue to be a big global demand for skilled people with photonics training. This leads to exciting, rewarding and highly paid careers. Opportunities in photonics will be with us for many years. Photonics now is where electricity was in the late 1800s. The possibilities are immense, no doubt about that.