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Two challenging issues in biological testing are devices’ portability and to using as little sample as possible. With this framework in mind, lab-on-a-chip devices play a major role, as they aim to integrate most of the facilities of a biology or chemistry laboratory in just a few millimeters device. They are basically made of micrometer size channels, where samples are separated, selected and mixed, and they also integrate some kind of testing system to analyze them. Optofluidic devices are a particular type of lab-on-a-chip device where light is used to test and handle samples. The use of light to analyze biological samples is widely spread as it is fast, highly accurate and, in some particular cases, allows for the analysis of samples after undergoing some pre-treatment  which might change its properties.

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    Sophia Roster  July 14, 2016 at 12:47 pm

    It is wonderful to see such great advances in the field of biological science and medicine. This is an ingenious thought of using light for analysis. I can’t wait to know more about optofluidic devices.


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